Build Your Product, Not Billing

Drop in SaaS paid signup and plan management backoffice. No design or UI work required. Built for bootstrappers.

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Hosted Sign Up Page

Beautiful and simple pages that you can link to from anywhere.

Plan or Application Sign Up Pages

Link to page where customers can select plans or link to plan specific signup pages. Customize look and feel on some plans.

Manage plans and pricing in Stripe

Seamlessly add new plans and change pricing in the Stripe Dashboard.

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Secure Backoffice

Don't make your customers remember login details. Give them a magic link instead.

No Separate Billing Account

Don't force your customers into separate logins for billing. Give them Slack-style magic sign-in link for one-time access.

Authenticated & Unauthenticated Access

Use the dedicated authenticated management link inside your application and Slack-style magic link on your landing page.


Your customers can update their name and contact email, update payment details, switch plans, cancel, and access receipts for all payments.

Drops into Your App

Designed to stay out of your way and delight your customers

Redirect After Signup

Billen redirects users back to your app after successful signup so your app can complete the flow.

Integrate Directly with Stripe

Listen to Stripe webhooks to handle plan changes and cancellations.

Full Stripe Support

Billen supports Stripe's metered billing, free trials, invoice generation, and more.


How it works


Step 1

Use your Billen URL for your sign up link.


Step two

Your customer provides their payment and selected plan. Now you're getting paid.


Step three

Handle onboarding, offboarding, and plan changes via Stripe webhooks. Link your manage subscription button to your Billen URL.